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These images are from my trip to Dzawadee, a traditional fishing village at the head of Knights Inlet, a 100 km long fjord in British Columbia.  It is here that the Namgis nation has fished for oolichan, also known as saviour fish the sardine-sized fish are the first to return in the spring thaw after a long winter of depleted rations. 
The Grease Trails could not have been made without the help of Randy Bell, an expert on the grease trails.Randy's knowledge about the grease trails is extensive and his passion for its history infectious. Randy helped me navigate First Nations protocol and after our trip to Dzawadee, he invited me to deliver t'lina, also known as grease, to the heads of the Mowachut families in Friendly Cove. After the 2007 documentary for Atlantic Public Media, I made a radio documentary about this delivery for CBC Radio's Outfront (listen to the right). In 2008, Randy invited me back to Alert Bay and I worked with Neil Sandell from CBC Outfront to guide five youth from Alert Bay to record their lives. This became a series called "My Life So Far", which was presented as part of the International Radio Features Conference in 2009 and aired internationally on Global Perspectives.

Teresa Goff Audio  

I create feature radio documentaries for CBC programs such as Ideas , The Current and The Sunday EditionI also create audio installations for the Museum of Vancouver.  I have been an on-air columnist for CBC Vancouver's Afternoon Show and produced radio features for CBC Radio 2's program RadioSonic. In 2007, I produced a radio documentary for Atlantic Public Media's series Stories from the Heart of the Land, program about the intersection of people and the natural world. This piece was the beginning of a series of pieces on oolichan.